Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Altered States of Twilight

First off, The Aging Rebel article on the Devil's Ride Renewed (click for link) is about the best thing I've read all year. Like a Boy Scout Salute, the humor is reading between the lines.

And on another topic, almost exactly the same, you can choose TEAM EDWARD or TEAM JACOB. Clicking either link will take you to your own brand of motorcycle clothing! ... don't wait, click both now! The prices are a little (very) expensive, but it's the image you are buying, not the quality.
He's obviously thinking, "How do I loose this dead weight? I'm on a BSA for Gods sake..."
(or "... I should have bought a used Sportster. I'm so stupid.")

How is the Devil's Ride BIKER ring $17.95 and the SAMCROW Charter Ring $115.00 ?
Does it matter? Not in the least... But one day all this stuff will sell on eBay for thousands of dollars for items in mint condition. The future Star Wars L-slot rocket firing Boba Fett's and carded POTF Yak Faces of the nerd spectrum. Right here folks. I called that shit.

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