Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Bacon Breakdown Ride ...

July 20-22nd, 2012
Right now it's in the initial planning stages. Follow this link and vote on your pick for the destination.
Seqouia National Forrest (the forrest moon of Endor, losts of weeble wooble fun), Hearst Castle (with over 50 bedrooms to choose from? you can swing all night long, just don't pee in the Neptune Pool), San Francisco (we'll own Castro Street), Lion Country Safari (San Diego, we'll chase Lion's on our Moto's and camp with the Chimps) or Pismo Beach (We'll drink Tang all night, if you know what I mean)? You decide!

What's a Bacon Run? Seriously. 
Here's the MOVIE from the first Bacon Run last March.

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Johnny No said...

There is a store right down the street from the house that has a window full of bacon related shirts ..... I kid you not !!!!