Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Broken Legs are going around ...

 Seems like there's a rash of broken legs going around Southern California lately, a know more than a handful of people (myself including) who are now dependant on crutches (and I don't mean liquid). 
Wes White
Ok, here's your chance to help one of them... Wes White. He went down hard, spent some time in the hospital, has a buncho' bills, and now is fiberglassed up in a nifty green leg cast. So how can you help him? Support. I've a link at the top of the sidebar this month for Lowbrows help and there's this month's Carage Company party (June 23rd) where you can show some love. So if you're local, swing to the right and help Mr. White out. 

You might also like Kickstart Cycle Supplies support shirt that's got the Four Aces tiger in a cast... great work!

(below: not Wes)
My new garage art, pic by Lucifer.

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Thanks for the directions sweety, good job as always, Humpsters rule!!