Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ghost Rider (motorcycles at the LBCS)

 Being a fan of all things Sportster, someone brought out four motorcycles from the first Ghost Rider movie. That too, I am a fan of (for the reason being, so many bad movies are made trying to bring comic book heros to the big screen, Ghost Rider wasn't so bad)(Nicolas Cage I'm 50/50 on, but that's a Versus match for another time).

 Usually I'd also make a comment of; if you're going to bother bringing these motorcycles to the show, at least take them off the trailer, BUT, in this case I totally get it. These would be too enticing for retards not to want to sit on for a picture (think; other people sitting on YOUR bike. Not cool).
 But the truly best part of it, and I'm sure you'd agree.... the American Choppers version of the Ghost Rider bike was missing! Cause that thing is ugly!

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Everything was going well until I got to the bottom photo . . . now that is hideous, I feel ill, gotta go now . . . raaaaaalph !!!