Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Hunt for the Illusive "Terminator Stout" (the Unicorns of Beer) as told by Lady Hump

Eugene OR was once a happy little Hippie community, in something of a civil war with Springfield, but still pleasant. I lived alongside the river with Doctor Wu and host of commune type characters, from the weed head to the topless lesbian hippie chicks to the overzealous manifest writers, the local fringe of popluarity I guess you'd say. Snoring... And that guy who always wore the red velvet coat to dinner. He knew me. Today, I wouldn't touch that bitter community with a ten foot pole. Everything changes. Hopefully that guy who used to shove barbie doll heads up his rectum changed too...? Maybe that "Spinner" dude would still be entertaining?
Today I received a package in the mail, smuggled out of Oregon. Two bottles of Terminator Stout. We used to drink something called Terminator Stout on tap at the High Street Cafe and eat Veggie Burgers and drench our fries in malt vinager. Total retards I know, but I've waited over 20 years to taste this beverage once again. I know not if it's the same, but I'll soon find out...

If you haven't by now, figured out who sent this to me, let me offer you this link. 

The best homemade bars money can buy; Zombie Performance.

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Cryptic man, hope the brew is as good as you remember it . . . just got some of the Zombie goodness done and in the mail, can't wait.