Saturday, June 30, 2012

I like things most Star Wars ...

 I like things most Star Wars. I dig the leather Stormtrooper face mask above. I think it would be even radder if it was attached to a 3/4 face helmet at the snaps! I like the bubble windo sidecar below, kinda spacy, kinda R2D2 domish'.

Hipsters don't impress me that much. Especially when they're wearing a mainstream swimsuit and using prop glasses to (try to) appear "hipster'ish." 
Scooters impress me even less...

... but when I see that this Lady had made her very own R2D2 helmet, taped it and rattle canned it, all the while drinking a beer! (albeit a "light" beer) I gotta give some RESPECT up.

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