Friday, June 22, 2012

I looked up and saw a magestic Unicorn, it said "Hello. My name's Tom Cruise..."

Early in his career he was tuned in to dropping out, but (this is my professional reconstruction of events) having been molested (at least mentality) from riding too many non-Sportsters, to the extreme waste of the Dodge Tomahawk, he fell from grace. Held onto one too many silver vibrators and ate the pudding. Now he needs to replace his chique "Detoxification" with a little more "intoxication" or preferable, "inebriation."
The point being, I just got turned onto Planet Unicorn. Thought you might like to check it out too, being that you're totally into Unicorns as much as I am... I'll let you decide the rest.

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Definitely Sportylicious, Tom is a lovely Unicorn and they're all just gay and so happy, life is beautiful . . . Yeah mate, sadly no longer going, unforseen daddy and daughter stuff during her holidays, I'll be expecting the usual primo level of Team Hump coverage from you guys.