Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Lords of Altamont at Spikes, Friday

Lucifer hooked up all you moto-heads out there in So Cal who are looking for something to do friday night before you ride out to Hell on Wheels on Saturday. How? Well, The Lords of Altamont are playing Spikes Bar in Rosemead (I may have mistakenly thought it was in Alhambra before, sorry...) , so if you ride out to the show the entrance is (50% off) only $5.00. Tell the doorman, "Lucifer said so!" But remember, in case you already forgot, this door discount is for those of you who RIDE your MOTOS to the show. Pull in a car and you're paying full price. There'll also be $3 Shlitz and Colt45's all night. 21 plus. The Lords go on at 11pm. I guess there's going to be Go-Go Dancers there too...

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