Thursday, June 28, 2012

Print Is Dead ... and we're raising the Dead to a whole New Level! LADY HUMP PRESS, Issue #1

 You've seen the Lady Hump Blog (Duh, you're here now), you've visited the Store, and I hope you've watched the FILMS (on Vimeo). Well, I'd like to introduce you to our latest little venture into the mix. Lady Hump's UNRELEASED 2010, 166 pages of full color gloss photography, ad free (that's right, NO ADS!) magazine annual. The first issue covers Southern California events in 2010 from January through December (think Street Chopper Release Parties, Born Free 2, The Biltwell 500, rides, parties, rallys, etc. etc.). And suffice to say, if we're releasing 2010 now, then you already know that 2011 is standing behind you ready to strike, and 2012 is mere months away! Worst case scenario? You don't like the picture I took of you and now it's in full color print for the world to see! 
This Issue will be available at BORN FREE 4 in limited supply, so if you want to get one, that is your window of opportunity. Look for us in the Lady Hump / Wuss Ride / Gasser Lounge booth. If there's any left I promise, I'll throw them up in our store sometime after BF4, but I can't guarentee anything tonight. (I haven't figured out shipping options or shipping rates yet, and I'm not even going to try and think about it till after the show and Pool Party at the Gasser Lounge on Sunday.)

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Humperific, 'live to ride - wish I could read'