Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stuck on You (the Movie Remake)

"Thirty-five year olds Bob Tenor (Lady Hump) and Walt Tenor (Mikey B.) are twin brothers, conjoined at the hip. Beyond a shared liver which is "owned" primarily by Bob, each brother has his own complete set of body parts. Because of the liver issue, Bob, despite no danger to himself, made the decision early in their lives that they would not let this interfere or get in the way of their drinking. Much of what they do is done symbiotically together, such as in their work as bartenders at their own watering hole. But each has his own distinct personality and interests. Bob is the internet blogger aficionado. Walt is the hard drinking extroverted ladies' man. Part of Walt's outgoing personality is manifested in his love of drumming. For the past nine years, Walt has starred in his own productions of one-man stage bands to great aplomb. The brothers support the other's individual interests, and they vow never to stand in the way of the other's dreams. Walt makes a request of Bob, who reluctantly agrees: that they move from the comfort and security of their Hazard County life to Redondo Beach so that Walt can pursue a career in Rock n' Roll. Walt believes this move would also be good for Bob so that he can be close to his Internet girlfriends of ten years, whom he has never met..." the rest, you already know

Gasser Lounge, June 2nd 2012 
Kings v. Devils, Game 2
 Los Angeles KINGS 2-0 Series Lead over New Jersey Devils!!!
Very intense game, but the Kings pulled through as I knew they woud.
Gasser Lounge for all your King's game viewing parties.

 While eating a quick dinner, we were joined by the "Devil's Detail" of the local authorities. I'm not sure exactly what they're responsible for, but I didn't want to draw any unecessary attention. (If I was just a fraction of a sliver smarter, I would have posed for a picture since I was wearing my Lucifer Is My Homeboy shirt.... another missed opportunity to stretch a post even farther.)
 The company might have been Devil'ish (?) (I said, "might have been" cause I have no way of truely  knowing) but the pizza was .... "heavenly."
(Blogs are supposed to have food posts right?)

Finished the night at Brixton South Bay, saw Gilby Clark set. Had to hop up and down more stairs than I thought I'd have too. Got Ruffied on a Scope Shot (negative), but was also told that I had fresh smelling breath (positive). Then a few more rounds around town and back to the MTV Crib.

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