Saturday, June 23, 2012

Three "mostly" unrelated photographs

 The first one's this beauty XLCH 1970 Sportster that Atom Rotten just picked up. Seriously, this guy Atom is the Buddy Valastro of Ironhead Relics! Who in the hell is Buddy Valastro you say? He's the mother trucker Cake Boss on t.v., and I don't know how anyone can call themselves the "boss" of foods, but as far as Ironhead go, it's all Atom.
 Second is a picture from the Smoke Out, going on over on the East Coast. This is the dude working the Justified Defiance booth! Seriously bad ass! Thanks to Traves Marques for that picture.
Third is a picture I took right off the Gasser Facebook. It's a dude on a relic chopper (and everything on that hardtail Panhead is exactly what people are trying to copy today. Dig that "purple haze" paint job), and I'm guessing it's from the 70's, but what's (also) interesting is the "Pat's" building in the background. That "Pat's" building is none other than the Gasser Lounge!

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