Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tog and Muk Muk, 200 Days till the End of the World (ride and party at the Gasser Lounge)

Pope Innocent III predicted the world would end in 1284. Nope. William Miller, Oct. 22nd 1844. Wrong. Albert Porta predicted the sun would explode(!!!!) killing us all on Dec. 17th 1919. Wrong. Edgar C. Whisenant, Sept. 11th 1988. Wrong. How about on December 31st 1999, who can forget Y2K??? Wrong. Harold Camping totally blew it when he wrongly predicted the end of the world last May 21st 2011. And let's not forget one of my personal favorites; Marshall Applewhite. The guy who castrated himself and the followers in his "church" who on March 19th 1997 all left us. He reasoned there was only one way to properly "evacuate the earth" was through mass suicide. Not even close.
Well, we've hit the 200 day countdown for the END OF DAYS ride (and) party at the Gasser Lounge!
"That's a long ways off isn't it?" Not as long as you might wish. Tog and Muk Muk, friends of ours, know the importance of planning ahead... We're not planning any motorcycle rides or anything (weddings, barmitzfahs, bar hops, bar crawls, nada) after December 21st, because, frankly, there won't be any world left... Mark your Mayan calendar now! Come on what may certinally be your last chance to tear up some asphault and "end it all" with Lady Hump on Dec. 21st, 2012.

Don't even get me started on Nostradamus. He predicted everything, including this blog!


WhitelinePsycho said...

Better start stocking up on PBR guys . . .

Lady Hump said...