Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Unicorn Manor

Stained Glass. I don't see any stains? I see nothing but sweet sweet gold. 
I wonder if the milk from the Unicorn taste as good as a Vanilla Shake? I then fell fast asleep and heard a voice in the light say unto thee; "Unicorn milk has long been a popular gourmet food with a uniquely delicious flavor and subtle nuances found in no ordinary dairy product.  Unicorn milk has fruity undertones, a smooth finish and is now joining truffles and Beluga caviar as one of the most coveted treats in Southern California." 

So I woke up and ran down to the local watering hole and ordered up a frothy glass of Unicorn Milk. Shaken, not Stirred. 

1 comment:

Peter Sheringham said...

Fucking awesome, love the Unicorn !!!!