Thursday, June 21, 2012

You can win a Harley Davidson Sportster ... or BUY USED

I was trolling the produce aisle at the local grocer, squeezing the mellons, and I noticed this ad on the sides of the RC cola 12 packs. Text something something something to somewhere and you can win!

Oh wait... it's a 48, never mind.

"My forehead is so big I'll never fit into a Biltwell lid."

"I dream of Used Sportsters."

And it's time for a review, of an oline review of the 48. And, yes, this review CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL SOURCE once again demonstrates the ability of the Facotry to "force feed" the "standard" review they want you to read, not a review you need to read.

"Right off the bat let me just say… this bike is plain-old cool (why?). And when I say old… I mean old (as in technology?). Drawing inspiration from WWII era bobbers (say what? I think not.), the package includes a fat front tire (MT90B16 72H), a 1948-like Peanut Tank (stole that one directly from BSA Hummer hu?), a slammed speedo (Does it come in "unslammed" also?), under mount mirrors (Vhut Eva), combined stop-turn taillights, side-mount license plate holder, forward controls and a super low 26” seat height that all add up to a head-turning, old-school vibe (old school vibe.... really? Is this 2001?). It looks great! (Unitl you see the price tag.)
But looks aren’t everything… so after drooling (Control yourself fan boy) over the Forty-Eight for a while I hopped on for a 30 minute ride (Why so long of a ride?) that included everything from a 4-lane Interstate to curvy backroads and even some stop-and-go urban traffic. (Sounds like a spin on the Disneyland Autopia Car Ride?)
Power was of the typical 1200 Sporty type (You mean, nothing was different with all those above mentioned do-dads?) with adequate punch (But nothing note worthy) and while the lowered stance offered a better ride than I expected (Good to keep the expectations low, let me tell you) , there was a slight but noticeable instability at take-off and in steep turns (You're on a Sportster, no shit?) . I am assuming it is because of the larger front tire but the bars tended to want to wobble when departing from a complete stop and when pushing hard through a corner." (Learn anything new? Not me.)


WhitelinePsycho said...

I must admit to feeling guilty as I waited four months for mine to arrive back in ought ten, I realised I would be subject to derision and hatred . . . did I care, no. Their entire campaign stinks of bad baby poo but for my first hoggly I wanted a bike that was mine from the get go and I had a specific vision of where it would go stylistically and I wanted everything my old Trumpys weren't . . . total everyday reliability [the bromance of old bike breakdowns has worn off with age] . . . yeah, I still feel a tad like a sucker but I'm a big girl and can live it, but only every single time I'm on it and now, with nearly 40,000 klms on the clock, it's definitely a used bike . . . figure I'll get plenty of time on the side of the road with the '74 shovel and the '76 Skirtster I'm in the haggling process with . . . you're still right though, can't escape that . . . sweet bitch !!! XXX

Lady Hump said...

So are hitting BF4 or what? I thought I read you were on your way out here?