Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Zombie Performance "DEER v. ZOMBIE" Support Shirts

 Move Sucka' Move Sucka' ~ Time to help Steffan with a little cash. He's selling some kick ass shirts over on his blog HERE to raise a little bit of money during his forced vacation... Born Free 4 was so bitchin' ... the ride home, not so much for Steffan.

This is the "mild" picture. He's posted grosser ones on his own blog... ugghhhhh.

What I did instead of working on the Bacon Run 2 movie...

 This one is pure chance, look at the guy in the window frame!?!?!?! Is that not cool or what?
Ok, I have been working on the Bacon Run 2 movie, but it's a long process. Last night we hit the streets on Dean's fresh rebuild and took it out for it's 500 mile non-freeway break-in. Cruised through the best parts of Los Angeles, up Central through the Malcom X Square and all over Hollywood VIP Rooms. I learned how the secret knock works... 

Monday, July 30, 2012

More ... Long Beach BiCycle Swap pictures from 7/29

Ok so the story goes, this was it. This was the last "good" (relative term, not my definition mind you, someone else's but lets explore it momentarily shall we? Thank for indulging the ridiculous) swap meet of the year. From here on out, all the "Bikers" (the "Nu Vests", the shinny chromes, the polishers, the Angry Stare Walk-In-A-Pack Mexi-blanket Youthes, the Rock-a-Sillys, Pwank Rawkers, and Gangsta Limp Bro'das. Just make up slang terms, throw them on the wall. They stick every time.) will make that fateful decision to "pass" on riding the 6-12 miles to the Veterans Stadium for the (swap) meet, instead opting for the couch potatoe position for Football game. "I ain't got time to wash my bike this month." Radier Nation... not exactly (except maybe that one dude with the Raiders Bagger who's so dedicated, year after year, that you gotta show him respect for the mere investment of time he's actually put into it. He get's the one and only Hall Pass... but truth be told, he'll probably be the one guy who shows. Go Figure. That's the difference between real and "way less than..."). The Season is Over. And I whisper ever so softly... "thank you Jesus."

Peaches and Cream

It took a while, a long while, to get these 2010 photography books in print. It' something we've wanted to do, and gathered content to do, for a long time. But now we're cruising through space at hyperactive speed and everything's Peaches and Cream, double rainbows abound and the taps are flowing. Those classy guys over at Chop Cult are rolling our banner ads (see below) and we're selling and shipping books out as fast as we can stuff envelopes. BUY HERE. Our game plan; release annual style photograph only books (one covering each calendar year, from January to December, with pictures from everywhere we went. Any show, events, camping trip, party, grand opening, etc., anything motorcycle related that you'd expect to find on the blog. All those events you missed... shame shame shame, but there's still hope! Experience them through the "magic" of the camera lens. Don't worry; NO SOULS were stolen in the making of these books.). But most importantly... No ads. What? No Ads? That's right, no ads. NO filler, ALL Killer. No lengthy build stories or tall tales, maybe a jab or two to those deserving, but no long winded speeches. Full color glossy pages. Just the goodness.

We've already got the next edition (2011) at the printers and we're planning a "release and ride" ghetto party on Sept. 8th 2012 from the Gasser Lounge. Something akin to a ride and raffle; we'll hand out tickets to riders along the route (if you went on the Mt. Wilson ride, you'll especially want to attend this one..) and when we get back to the bar we'll pick some winners who will take home free copies! More info later. Ride/event info (as always) can be found in the 2012 "Bean Pot" on the side-bar to your right >>>

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Support for Debbie Fitch

 Here's a LINK to Lisa Ballard's Blog RE: Debbit Fitch (photographer from Lowside Magazine) another rider who went down and is facing astronomical medical bills and a lengthy recovery... Ugh. Not fun. 

NEW Report from the NEW "Long Beach BiCycle Swapmeet"

 "The bicycle section of this swap meet is really growing. The main theme at all of the bicycle related booths are Schwinn bicycle and Schwinn bicycle parts. The bicycles pricing is all over the board as well as the quality of the bikes for sale but that is what makes it interesting..."

The above comment was taken off a board from early 2012. And without coming right out and saying it. This "event" is now officially the "Long Beach BiCycle Swapmeet" make no mistake about it. It's like Cats and Dogs living together, getting married, having "Putties" (Combo Puppies and Kittens). You know I hate it, you know its a fooking waste of money to get in.

The best part about his place is the Urinals. There I said something nice. Suck it.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Random Lucifer Photography

 We're all over the map on this one. Photography from June30th through mid July. Just some left-overs out of all the hundreds and hundreds of pictures in the Lady Hump archives. One of the largest data bases of event photography in modern Southern California history. No one appreciates digital archiving. Museums rarely, if ever, store the data. But we are.
And if you're looking for something to do tonight.
Tonight is the True South Tattoo Fundraiser party from 8pm-12.
(info below)

Harlistas and other ethnic minority demographic opportunities

 Reminds me of a thread I read a couple days ago; which denim is best for riding? Depends on what your are riding, right?
(P.S., Nice Sportster)

But wait. There's more ... I've come across something you may have already seen or actually, you might be party of, intentionally or unintentionally? The Harley Davidson Marketing Strategy Targeting Minorities. The (for a variety of reasons; California Uber Alles right? Okay, because of the Mayan's on Sons of Anarchy, let's just air that out now...) "easiest" Crusade is upon the Latino population, i.e. "The Harlista" or "Harlistas" the lesser know, but still viable opportunities include (but are not limited to)(and this is about as far as I was able to hack before my nemisis pulled the plug in the unbreakable HDHQ) the following strategic carpet bombing targets;

The "Charlie Davidsons" which targets the second and third generation Asian markets in the U.S., including Trekkies (code name for high salaried mathematics geeks). "Imagine all the aftermarket accessories we could sell? Have you seen what kinda crap they put under the hood of a Civic for Christ's sake? It's unbelievable I tell you!"

The "Honkey Davidsons" which so far has had only limited success in targeting the white rap music fans in the U.S., mainly those who listen to and follow such musicians as Eminem and Vanilla Ice. "Somehow we just gotta find the way to get a prominent white rapper on a Harley, without looking like a complete imbecile. Not an easy task."

The "Hymie Davidsons" Follow the money... where's the money? In the Banks. Who owns the Banks? Answer that.

Not to be confused with other exploratory demographic markets, but to a far lesser degree;
The "Wild Zogs" Non-Hebrew Whites that fall under the wings of our Zionist Occupational Government.
The "Wild Wogs" Another overseas market, mainly European Immigrants to Australia but also includes middle easterners who immigrant to western cultures.
and finally, the "Wild Wops" Italians, because after all, who in the HELL wants to ride a Vespa all day, everyday, for the rest of their lives? No one.

Think this is tongue in cheek? CLICK HERE and ask yourself, why is everything tinted brown? Is it because Harley Davidson is targeting stereotypes. Sure is. Stereotypes are more often than not true. Made true by the very inclusion of the person or persons being labeled who march in step. Step out of line and look toward new horizons. Your "Homies" "Brothas" or "Fellow Gigilos" (Heyyy...) might not dig it and might (guarenteed) make fun of you relentlessly... but be yourself. Just say no to Clone Technology. Take off that mexi-blanket and strap on an original idea.

Because you refuse to be led by the nose to finacial slaughter ...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Back on the Bike Ride, Sat. July 14th (the Video)

Watch the Video

Back On (and OFF) The Bike Ride; Gasser Lounge to Mooneye's Open House Ride July 14th 2012. The first day Lady Hump was back on the bike after healing a broken leg since April, is the same day Lucifer was runover by a vehicle making an illegal right turn against oncoming traffic resulting in a T-bone accident.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bacon Run 2 (the Movie) is now in post-production ...

 ... Amazing, you go to a bar and the friendliest people just "Show up!"
Lady Hump Films has taken custody of the raw (... but cooked) Bacon Run 2 footage and is now in post production. We'll have an Online Premier sometime mid-next week... stay tuned.

Mods v. Rockers (who'ever rides the Sportsters is already the Winner...)

at The Queen Mary August 3rd and 4th.

On a lighter note, but still nautical, I hear tell there's a movie in the works, similiar to Titanic, only this one start Leonardo De Caprio and Justin Beiber and it's a remake of Cuba Gooding Jr.'s 2002 hit "Boat Trip" should be fun. Can't wait to review it on the Daily Lady Hump Movie Page. De Caprio rides scooters all the time, so he must be a mod ...?

(You didn't really click that link and expect to find anything did you?)

Click This LINK instead.

No Music

The fact the I've lost the tune-age on the Lady Hump is bumming me out. A blog without music is boring as hell... desperate for any ideas! If you've a blog with a soundtrack that shuffles the songs you've selected or uploaded, without crappy ads (I hate those), let me know (hook a brother up)... this quiet(ness) is starting to freak me out.

We're working on a couple videos right now... so you will experience a lull in the regular programming. These are going to be doozies!!!

They call it "Spam" because it's full of ...

... She and It. Harley-Davidson Inc. sold its data center in Franklin for $8 million to NTT Worldwide Telecommunications Corp., a Japanese company with offices in Colorado.
The sale recorded on July 24 comes on the heels of Infosys, a global technology company, announcing a 5-year contract to handle information technology for Harley-Davidson. Infosys, after sealing a contract with Harley-Davidson, is to set up a facility that would be its 18th in the United States. The company is hiring some workers from Harley-Davidson’s information division and will have 125 workers at its Milwaukee facility. The company also will have a training center. I like the word "some."
I can re-write this article in one word: Outsourced.
"No. No. No. You listen to me alright? If you already changed the oil yourself, You have voided the warranty. I can do nothing for you. Let me ask you, "What we're you thinking?" That is the job of a trained professional. You are not a professional are you? No. No. No. For the love of Ganesha, Murugan, and Ayyappan, NO."
Harley-Davidson spokeswoman Maripat Blankenheim said the company no longer needs the building, but would not comment further on the sale.

Dear American Workforce; "We no longer need you either." Meanwhile in Michigan ...

Michigan State Police may be saying bye-bye to the American-made Harley-Davidson and Vroom! Vroom! to BMW as its motorcycle of choice.
Nine (9) BMW R1200s were purchased in April and joined the Harley-Davidsons on the department's fleet of 24 motorcycles, the Detroit Free Press reported Monday.
The German-made police bikes simply performed better in annual tests, state police spokeswoman Shannon Banner said.
Dier Hall'ey Davissun; "Veev no longer needith youz."
"It was something we put a lot of consideration into," Banner said. "We are Americans, after all (don't trip over yourself); we're in Michigan, home of the auto industry. It was all about safety and performance. That's what the whole vehicle-testing program is about. We really could no longer ignore what we were seeing in the tests." "We saved the Cash cause your bikes are overpriced pieces of shit."
A performance test from last fall ranked the BMW R1200 faster with superior handling and better safety features. The motorcycle's top speed is 131 mph. The Harley's top speed is 104. ... that's if youre a 124 lb "Waif" like say, Kate Moss. Meanwhile at Sturgis ...

This year, there's also going to be Willie G. Davidson commemorative merchandise, in honor of the man who was the company's chief styling officer for 50 years and recently retired. "Chief Styling Officer" WTF is he my haridresser? Have you seen his hair?

Do you have any Danbury Mint's Commemerative Plates?

Well "that" more than makes up for sending jobs to India (every job counts so don't tell me it's a wash when it should ALWAYS be a GAIN), clsoing American factories (previously, but in this case a "support" center), continuing to realease an inferior product line (when compared to the Germans whom we bombed into disallusioned jello a mere 60 some odd years ago... Same story with Japaneese bikes I know. I have on the fact Triumphs chew it too, to fall back upon. Bikes made for Queens in their 80's is my highest suspicion.)

We want you to think of buying a Harley, like you would picking up a smoking hot prostitute. Instant Gratification. But, the truth remains, the milk aint free and you've got payment plans on a obese accessorized and doo-dadded Cow. You think, "I could strip this down" but they've done just about everything they could have to prevent you from doing that. It ain't baby fat if you're 50+.

The Campaign of 2012

Lucifer, Renee, Alan Stedman @ Helmet Division Grand Opening

Lisa Ballard from http://www.dbcustomleather.com/ brings us this photo of Lucifer attending the Helmet Division Grand Opening party last Sunday. (I also hear the "raffle" give-aways were so many, that it took nearly an hour to give everything away! Whoa.) Thanks Lisa!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


So we decided that we're going to go full tilt and draw up plans for the next couple months. Every time we throw a ride, the question that follows is "when's the next one?" Well, here's the list so far! These dates you can mark on the calendar and count on. The start times might be slightly different for each one and we'll provide more detailed information as each event draws closer, but for now, just sharpie them in on your Calendar.

August 25th - We're rolling to the Museum of Death with Lucifer (who's dedicated himself to getting back on the bike by then so it'll be a treat to ride with him once again!, after the museum, it's back to the Gasser for prizes and some fundraising! 
Sept 8th - It's a ride into South Central with Lady Hump. Once we arrive at our desitnation we're going to pass out raffle tickets. Once we're back at the bar, we're going to release the Lady Hump 2011 Biblica Socalica photography book and draw some winners who'll receive a free copy! This will be your first chance to pick up our second endeavor into the world of print, full color, no ads, this one is 172 pages huge!!!
Sept 22nd - In the morning is the annual El Camino College Swapmeet and in the evening is the annual Beaver Day Celebration at the Gasser Lounge. Things are likely to get wild! (This event doesn't exaclty have a ride, but if you're planning on making the annual swap meet, the Gasser Lounge is a mere hop and scotch from the college. We'll also be serving "hops" and "scotch" that night (as every night)).
Oct 27th - It's our FULL COSTUME RIDE for CARNEVIL once again. The Saturday before Halloween join us for a festive night ride of goblins and snakes (know what I mean?), the after-party at the bar will be incredible... you've seen the pictures from last year!!!
Nov 10th - Our first Gasser "Overnight" Campout to Lake Cachuma in Santa Barbara County. More info later on this one, but plan on leaving early Saturday and coming back on Sunday. Plan on drinking and BBQ!
Dec 9th - Our 3rd Annual HUG THE COAST Ride to the David Mann Chopperfest in Ventura, up Pacific Coast Highway.
Dec 21st - Lady Hump's END OF THE WORLD PARTY take you out (literally and figuratively) in pinata fashion! Who you going to blame? If it's over, it's over...

Again, more info on each ride/party as those dates near, if you haven't yet, LIKE the Gasser Lounge on FB. You already know where to find the Lady Hump, so you're good there. See you soon!

The Lady Hump Swami Says ... this is what you'll find on July 29th

Va'room. Va'room va'rooooommm.....

 That's the upcoming date of the next "So Cal Cycle Swap" more often referred to as the Long Beach Cycle Swap... just make sure you don't ever call it a "Motorcycle Swap" cause that it ain't brotha'
What you expect to find there...

What you wish you would have found there... 

 What you probably ran into while walking around dismayed at the selection of motorcycle parts... ???

About the closest thing to a "Chopper" you found there...

What people pretended to be there ... 

The image left in your head after you leave there.


The Truth; it has a mild yet distinctful sting. 

Suck it up.