Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BACON RUN 2, T-shirts by Lady Hump

 The above image is the BACON RUN 2 shirt donated by the Lady Hump for the Bacon Run2. Damn, if we didn't wait till the last possible moment to post that shit! Things have been busy around here with Lucifer in the hospital and me, outta the cast, being sent back to the dungeon (I do really love my job). I just missed the prime time to promote the BACON RUN 2. All the info you need is on the CHOP CULT EVENT THREAD / BACON RUN 2. Check it out if you need something kick ass to do this weekend!!! So how do you get ahold of a shirt? Show up, and let the awesomeness sink in... that's about it.

1 comment:

WhitelinePsycho said...

I guess there will be bacon . . . Al, parcel arrived today mate, I am over the moon and the book has gone straight to the honeybucket room, the place I do most of my reading and research these days. Hope Lady Lucy is feelin a tad better, love your hump !!!