Thursday, July 12, 2012

BF4 Douche Larouche (11/16)

 What's inside is beyond NR-17 so I can't share...

For those of you not hip to the Douche yet, they're the single most anticipated involved "vendors" (should I say entertainers?) at most (larger) shows these days. They single handedly saved the worst motorcycle show in the world, the "Abortionfest" two years in a row running (some call it the Easyrider show, but let's not fool ourselves) and they didn't disapoint at Born Free 4!!!

The Abortionfest video I made HERE, watch it, you'll agree with me.. or else you're on the wrong blog. Go away. I think you have a HOG meeting to attend tonight, you better take a nap beforehand.

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