Monday, July 2, 2012

BF4 Let the rumble begin ... (1/16)

 Even though there was a HUGE number of people who drove to the show in cars and the extra auto lot filled up, there was still a lack of bike parking... this resulted in bikes mixed in wherever they could fit (even in the auto lots) and some of the bikes that people wanted to enter into the show class, missing that opportunity because they couldn't get their bikes into the proper lots in time for judging. If they have another one (and who knows if they'll be able to handle it, Born Free grows exponentially each year and critical mass is on the horizon) you've gotta get there early to catch that worm.

Alright, here's post no. 1 of 16 for the Born Free 4 photos we took. I had a couple different people take photos for me at the show since I was pretty much the mud stick with the broken leg, so thanks in advance to Lady Alizon, Kit, and Naked Rob who each took a turn behind the Lady Hump lense.

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