Sunday, July 8, 2012

BF4 You've just attended the biggest Chopper show in the world, now what are you going to do? (7/16)

Hit the after-party at the District Lounge and attend the EDR Movie Premier! This place has a Cinderella story behind it, stay too late and it turns into a pumpkin! This place is pretty damn awsome for movie releases. We attended the Salt Ghost premier here and now the EDR movie premier; they've got about a dozen large flat screens all around the bar so anywhere you standing you can get a good view of the movie. But dare stay too late and everything turns college dance... bikers flood out, college hipsters flood in.

 Snowmobile Transformer

 We are the crowd, we're coming out. Got my flash on, it's true. Need that picture of you!

Opps... you stayed too long.

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