Saturday, July 28, 2012

Harlistas and other ethnic minority demographic opportunities

 Reminds me of a thread I read a couple days ago; which denim is best for riding? Depends on what your are riding, right?
(P.S., Nice Sportster)

But wait. There's more ... I've come across something you may have already seen or actually, you might be party of, intentionally or unintentionally? The Harley Davidson Marketing Strategy Targeting Minorities. The (for a variety of reasons; California Uber Alles right? Okay, because of the Mayan's on Sons of Anarchy, let's just air that out now...) "easiest" Crusade is upon the Latino population, i.e. "The Harlista" or "Harlistas" the lesser know, but still viable opportunities include (but are not limited to)(and this is about as far as I was able to hack before my nemisis pulled the plug in the unbreakable HDHQ) the following strategic carpet bombing targets;

The "Charlie Davidsons" which targets the second and third generation Asian markets in the U.S., including Trekkies (code name for high salaried mathematics geeks). "Imagine all the aftermarket accessories we could sell? Have you seen what kinda crap they put under the hood of a Civic for Christ's sake? It's unbelievable I tell you!"

The "Honkey Davidsons" which so far has had only limited success in targeting the white rap music fans in the U.S., mainly those who listen to and follow such musicians as Eminem and Vanilla Ice. "Somehow we just gotta find the way to get a prominent white rapper on a Harley, without looking like a complete imbecile. Not an easy task."

The "Hymie Davidsons" Follow the money... where's the money? In the Banks. Who owns the Banks? Answer that.

Not to be confused with other exploratory demographic markets, but to a far lesser degree;
The "Wild Zogs" Non-Hebrew Whites that fall under the wings of our Zionist Occupational Government.
The "Wild Wogs" Another overseas market, mainly European Immigrants to Australia but also includes middle easterners who immigrant to western cultures.
and finally, the "Wild Wops" Italians, because after all, who in the HELL wants to ride a Vespa all day, everyday, for the rest of their lives? No one.

Think this is tongue in cheek? CLICK HERE and ask yourself, why is everything tinted brown? Is it because Harley Davidson is targeting stereotypes. Sure is. Stereotypes are more often than not true. Made true by the very inclusion of the person or persons being labeled who march in step. Step out of line and look toward new horizons. Your "Homies" "Brothas" or "Fellow Gigilos" (Heyyy...) might not dig it and might (guarenteed) make fun of you relentlessly... but be yourself. Just say no to Clone Technology. Take off that mexi-blanket and strap on an original idea.

Because you refuse to be led by the nose to finacial slaughter ...

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