Monday, July 9, 2012

July is on Schedule to Suck pretty Hard... and here's why?

Amy's still dead, but her thumb sucking will live on forever!

 I'd guess the biggest reason is ... Born Free 4.
No spoiler there.
Like a giant vortex it literally sucked the life force outta the local event continuity. I do however recognize that it too, also created the very same continuity recently that we've all come to enjoy in terms of "waiting for the big one." Well, Born Free 4 came and went. Most people who came in for the event have already gone back to Alabama or Texas or wherever else they rolled in from. So are all the locals "chopped out?"
 PBR Sucks.
 Hipsters Suck.
 Vampires Suck and so do the teen dream movies they make.
Remember when a Vampire movie used to be good?
I'd say it started to go downhill since George Clooney got into the game.
George Clooney sucks too (but you already knew that).
Just like the month of July... it'll keep on sucking until something is done about it.

But there's still hope... here's a list of things going on in July that might just be the ticket to your salvation?
Viernes 13, Spikes Bar, Rosemead, Friday July 13th
Betty Blowtorch, Alex's Bar, Long Beach, July 14th
Venice Vintage M/C Third Sunday Ride, July 15th
Long Beach Cycle Swap, Sunday, July 29th

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Nick Perri said...

Haha, dude this is great. And thanx for the event mention! You ROCK!