Monday, July 30, 2012

More ... Long Beach BiCycle Swap pictures from 7/29

Ok so the story goes, this was it. This was the last "good" (relative term, not my definition mind you, someone else's but lets explore it momentarily shall we? Thank for indulging the ridiculous) swap meet of the year. From here on out, all the "Bikers" (the "Nu Vests", the shinny chromes, the polishers, the Angry Stare Walk-In-A-Pack Mexi-blanket Youthes, the Rock-a-Sillys, Pwank Rawkers, and Gangsta Limp Bro'das. Just make up slang terms, throw them on the wall. They stick every time.) will make that fateful decision to "pass" on riding the 6-12 miles to the Veterans Stadium for the (swap) meet, instead opting for the couch potatoe position for Football game. "I ain't got time to wash my bike this month." Radier Nation... not exactly (except maybe that one dude with the Raiders Bagger who's so dedicated, year after year, that you gotta show him respect for the mere investment of time he's actually put into it. He get's the one and only Hall Pass... but truth be told, he'll probably be the one guy who shows. Go Figure. That's the difference between real and "way less than..."). The Season is Over. And I whisper ever so softly... "thank you Jesus."

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Anonymous said...

so by this logic, born free sucked too, because all that was described was there,and some. dude get over your self its just a swap make it what you want.I think the real problme is all these Internet celebritys charging way to much for used part just becuse thay own it. granted not all.