Sunday, July 29, 2012

NEW Report from the NEW "Long Beach BiCycle Swapmeet"

 "The bicycle section of this swap meet is really growing. The main theme at all of the bicycle related booths are Schwinn bicycle and Schwinn bicycle parts. The bicycles pricing is all over the board as well as the quality of the bikes for sale but that is what makes it interesting..."

The above comment was taken off a board from early 2012. And without coming right out and saying it. This "event" is now officially the "Long Beach BiCycle Swapmeet" make no mistake about it. It's like Cats and Dogs living together, getting married, having "Putties" (Combo Puppies and Kittens). You know I hate it, you know its a fooking waste of money to get in.

The best part about his place is the Urinals. There I said something nice. Suck it.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Positivity, a beautifully balanced thing, nice review.

Larry said...

why pay 10 bucks to look at some Bicycles when You can go to Beach & look at Bicycles with Tits on them.