Thursday, July 12, 2012

Outlaw Bikers join the Occupy Movement (and other fairy tales)

I came across this website and thought, "This is a wealth of information I dare not, not share.." So here it is, in pieces, but you can read it in it's entirety by clicking the link at the bottom of the post. I've added little to the original, so enjoy!

What if Outlaw Bikers joing the Occupy Movement?
The outlaw bikers will find kindred spirits in young punk rockers, skateboarders, street gangs, and even hippies!

"... Occupy organizers may wish to reach out to outlaw bikers and others in the local area. In order to blend in bikers will want tone down their public drinking and rowdy behavior.  They can likely work within the policies of the local occupy group.   This includes the Occupy movement’s policy of not resorting to violence.  Outlaw bikers would be better able to abandon their criminal activities if the economy wasn’t stacked so high against them.   The simple presence of outlaw bikers should be enough to make police think long and hard before using violence against any protestors.    I will be writing soon about what would happen if street gang members become part of the movement..."

What type of biker would President Obama likely become?
"... Nothing would look better than the President of the United States buying a bike, not only from an American manufacturer, but from a small family run company (i.e., Ridley Motorcycles.)  Their Auto Glide Limited Edition 750cc V-Twin automatic bike would give the President an opportunity to sit back and enjoy the ride without getting distracted with running up and down the gears..."

The article even goes on to publish a pretty big M/C's by-laws and constitution? I know, whuuuttt...
The Hippy Happy Times

Lady Hump Note: I'm a pretty tounge in cheek kinda writer. This is some pretty deep tounge and cheek stuff. So be prepared. And if it's not tounge in cheek, I don't know what to tell you? I'd read it now before it gets removed (for whatever reasons...)

One response:
"If your precious Obama rode a gike, it would be a pink Honda! What a stupid article-and I am not happy you got our by-laws and included them in your idiotic drivel. Occupy your ass with a big black dick, halfwit!"

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WhitelinePsycho said...

I wish I hadn't gone to the link now, that is some of the most out there, drug fucked drivel I've read in years . . . the 'response' you put up says it all, except I make no comment on your President. Bring on the Unicorn of Death !!!