Monday, July 30, 2012

Peaches and Cream

It took a while, a long while, to get these 2010 photography books in print. It' something we've wanted to do, and gathered content to do, for a long time. But now we're cruising through space at hyperactive speed and everything's Peaches and Cream, double rainbows abound and the taps are flowing. Those classy guys over at Chop Cult are rolling our banner ads (see below) and we're selling and shipping books out as fast as we can stuff envelopes. BUY HERE. Our game plan; release annual style photograph only books (one covering each calendar year, from January to December, with pictures from everywhere we went. Any show, events, camping trip, party, grand opening, etc., anything motorcycle related that you'd expect to find on the blog. All those events you missed... shame shame shame, but there's still hope! Experience them through the "magic" of the camera lens. Don't worry; NO SOULS were stolen in the making of these books.). But most importantly... No ads. What? No Ads? That's right, no ads. NO filler, ALL Killer. No lengthy build stories or tall tales, maybe a jab or two to those deserving, but no long winded speeches. Full color glossy pages. Just the goodness.

We've already got the next edition (2011) at the printers and we're planning a "release and ride" ghetto party on Sept. 8th 2012 from the Gasser Lounge. Something akin to a ride and raffle; we'll hand out tickets to riders along the route (if you went on the Mt. Wilson ride, you'll especially want to attend this one..) and when we get back to the bar we'll pick some winners who will take home free copies! More info later. Ride/event info (as always) can be found in the 2012 "Bean Pot" on the side-bar to your right >>>

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