Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Plesiosaurus sightings in San Diego!!!

 You've got hoaxes and wishful thinking...
You've got dreams of finding relics like this from owners who just don't know what they've got...
good luck with that.
You can fool some of the people most of the time, but you can't fool a Lady Hump.
This is Charlie Sheen "Winning!"
 Check that Tube. Oh yeah!

Dualshock Girder.
Bad Ass Badassery.
Invaders Front and Back.
19 Sweet Child of Mine '71.
In the hands of Atom Rotten.

Biker Chad; "Whoa! Look at you girl!"
 Nessie "Well... Look at that bike!!!!"
Biker Chad; "What?"
Nessie; "That's the most awesome bike I've ever come across!"
Leonard Nimoy just called. 
He said to "Cancel the program, they've found the bike!"
"I made you a helmet outta Ambrosia Salad!"

If you're a little slow; dont feel bad. I've already gotten one email about this post before I even posted it (Yep. believe it). A "Plesiosaurus" is the most often named creature that the Loch Ness Monster "Nessie" is rumored to resemble, be related to, or be a living descendant of ... Now you know. Try getting off the internet once in a while and reading a book (read: netflix) or you'll end up like me. A veritable (that big word means "intesifier") cornucopia of knowledge and a no-longer broken leg.

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WhitelinePsycho said...

You sir, or madam, are deliciously obtuse, beautifully verbose and a veritable font of fabulous foolishness, you are the sexbot plesiosaur of all things Sporty, the Lady Gimp who could, and did. Welcome back to the land of the bipeds mate, love your whacky, goofy, zany, offbeat, crazy work.
P.S - you better get 'your peeps' on the ChopperDave Skirty vote caper man, the troubleheads are taking over . . .