Wednesday, July 25, 2012


So we decided that we're going to go full tilt and draw up plans for the next couple months. Every time we throw a ride, the question that follows is "when's the next one?" Well, here's the list so far! These dates you can mark on the calendar and count on. The start times might be slightly different for each one and we'll provide more detailed information as each event draws closer, but for now, just sharpie them in on your Calendar.

August 25th - We're rolling to the Museum of Death with Lucifer (who's dedicated himself to getting back on the bike by then so it'll be a treat to ride with him once again!, after the museum, it's back to the Gasser for prizes and some fundraising! 
Sept 8th - It's a ride into South Central with Lady Hump. Once we arrive at our desitnation we're going to pass out raffle tickets. Once we're back at the bar, we're going to release the Lady Hump 2011 Biblica Socalica photography book and draw some winners who'll receive a free copy! This will be your first chance to pick up our second endeavor into the world of print, full color, no ads, this one is 172 pages huge!!!
Sept 22nd - In the morning is the annual El Camino College Swapmeet and in the evening is the annual Beaver Day Celebration at the Gasser Lounge. Things are likely to get wild! (This event doesn't exaclty have a ride, but if you're planning on making the annual swap meet, the Gasser Lounge is a mere hop and scotch from the college. We'll also be serving "hops" and "scotch" that night (as every night)).
Oct 27th - It's our FULL COSTUME RIDE for CARNEVIL once again. The Saturday before Halloween join us for a festive night ride of goblins and snakes (know what I mean?), the after-party at the bar will be incredible... you've seen the pictures from last year!!!
Nov 10th - Our first Gasser "Overnight" Campout to Lake Cachuma in Santa Barbara County. More info later on this one, but plan on leaving early Saturday and coming back on Sunday. Plan on drinking and BBQ!
Dec 9th - Our 3rd Annual HUG THE COAST Ride to the David Mann Chopperfest in Ventura, up Pacific Coast Highway.
Dec 21st - Lady Hump's END OF THE WORLD PARTY take you out (literally and figuratively) in pinata fashion! Who you going to blame? If it's over, it's over...

Again, more info on each ride/party as those dates near, if you haven't yet, LIKE the Gasser Lounge on FB. You already know where to find the Lady Hump, so you're good there. See you soon!

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