Thursday, July 26, 2012

They call it "Spam" because it's full of ...

... She and It. Harley-Davidson Inc. sold its data center in Franklin for $8 million to NTT Worldwide Telecommunications Corp., a Japanese company with offices in Colorado.
The sale recorded on July 24 comes on the heels of Infosys, a global technology company, announcing a 5-year contract to handle information technology for Harley-Davidson. Infosys, after sealing a contract with Harley-Davidson, is to set up a facility that would be its 18th in the United States. The company is hiring some workers from Harley-Davidson’s information division and will have 125 workers at its Milwaukee facility. The company also will have a training center. I like the word "some."
I can re-write this article in one word: Outsourced.
"No. No. No. You listen to me alright? If you already changed the oil yourself, You have voided the warranty. I can do nothing for you. Let me ask you, "What we're you thinking?" That is the job of a trained professional. You are not a professional are you? No. No. No. For the love of Ganesha, Murugan, and Ayyappan, NO."
Harley-Davidson spokeswoman Maripat Blankenheim said the company no longer needs the building, but would not comment further on the sale.

Dear American Workforce; "We no longer need you either." Meanwhile in Michigan ...

Michigan State Police may be saying bye-bye to the American-made Harley-Davidson and Vroom! Vroom! to BMW as its motorcycle of choice.
Nine (9) BMW R1200s were purchased in April and joined the Harley-Davidsons on the department's fleet of 24 motorcycles, the Detroit Free Press reported Monday.
The German-made police bikes simply performed better in annual tests, state police spokeswoman Shannon Banner said.
Dier Hall'ey Davissun; "Veev no longer needith youz."
"It was something we put a lot of consideration into," Banner said. "We are Americans, after all (don't trip over yourself); we're in Michigan, home of the auto industry. It was all about safety and performance. That's what the whole vehicle-testing program is about. We really could no longer ignore what we were seeing in the tests." "We saved the Cash cause your bikes are overpriced pieces of shit."
A performance test from last fall ranked the BMW R1200 faster with superior handling and better safety features. The motorcycle's top speed is 131 mph. The Harley's top speed is 104. ... that's if youre a 124 lb "Waif" like say, Kate Moss. Meanwhile at Sturgis ...

This year, there's also going to be Willie G. Davidson commemorative merchandise, in honor of the man who was the company's chief styling officer for 50 years and recently retired. "Chief Styling Officer" WTF is he my haridresser? Have you seen his hair?

Do you have any Danbury Mint's Commemerative Plates?

Well "that" more than makes up for sending jobs to India (every job counts so don't tell me it's a wash when it should ALWAYS be a GAIN), clsoing American factories (previously, but in this case a "support" center), continuing to realease an inferior product line (when compared to the Germans whom we bombed into disallusioned jello a mere 60 some odd years ago... Same story with Japaneese bikes I know. I have on the fact Triumphs chew it too, to fall back upon. Bikes made for Queens in their 80's is my highest suspicion.)

We want you to think of buying a Harley, like you would picking up a smoking hot prostitute. Instant Gratification. But, the truth remains, the milk aint free and you've got payment plans on a obese accessorized and doo-dadded Cow. You think, "I could strip this down" but they've done just about everything they could have to prevent you from doing that. It ain't baby fat if you're 50+.

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Outscurging, what a swindle !!! As for the Harley/BMW caper, it's only taken them forty years to come to that decision . . . ? Great read Hump Girl, sarcasm is a dish served any temperature on Lady Hump . . . I'm going to buy my skirtster back from myself so it'll be a used model to go with the shovel.