Monday, August 20, 2012

Alabama Hills

This music video isn't my a-typical brand of easy listening, but WOW! What an incredible job of videography. I really like the way this was put together.

Next year, I'd really like to do a run out to the Alabama Hills (when it's not too hot) for a night of camping and filming.

I haven't been there specifically in about 3 years, but it's a great place to shoot riding video along dirt roads with scenic rock outcroppings in the immediate background and snow covered mountians in the far background. Plus, it's got some movie history, Tremors and Ironman most notibly filmed there (along with hundred of westerns back in the day'o)

I'd say, "I'll work on that for 2013" but since we all know the Worlds about to End.... why?
(I will)

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