Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 25th, The LUCIFER Ride

Well, you all know the story of Lucifer getting run down while leaving the Mooneye's Open House Party back on July 14th. Lady Hump and the Gasser Lounge are partnering to raise funds for Lucifer! He's got more hospital bills now than you could ever shake a stick at (seriously...), but that doesn't keep him down. Hopefully, this will be his first ride "back on the bike" since the accident (and if he hasn't gotten back on the bike yet... we'll throw him on the back of one!) and on the way back to some sense of normalcy. Why the Museum of Death? Why not? $15 entrance fee but were going to talk to them about a group rate deal. You don't have to go in, if it's too scary for you... I hear it "just doesn't look good if us big burley bikers pass out from a graphic picture or two... hundred") We'll circle the wagons back at the bar before 9:00 pm and auction off and raffle off (?) some donated swag and incidentals (you can bet there'll be a Lady Hump Unreleased 2010 book or two in the pot...) aside from a slew of great prizes.

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