Thursday, August 9, 2012

BACON RUN 2 now the pictures begin... (pt.1)

 You've just waited an hour for the cook in the back to prepare your meal... what else would suck about that? ... How about seeing it laying on the floor? ... Maybe!

Awhile back now, maybe it was July 21st, 2012 the Bacon Run 2 took a group of hardcore riders to the land of pinesol and sprinkles. Once there, our hero's became legend amongst the local populas who had never before seen the majesty of the Bacon Crew. Alarmed, intregued, and misguided, the local popluation welcomed that which they did not know... These are those stories, in picture form, from the Camera of CRFyou (who, I might add... did a marvoluous job!) Others too submitted pictures which will join the ranks of these posts. Please hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen. Let the Man'geshas shine their everloving light on you.
CRFyou Forever

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LivingCanvas said...

Keep em comin'. I had a great time on this ride