Sunday, August 19, 2012

Don't weld with greasy shirts... always wear a Fresh One

Who's that dude under the Iron Mask? None other than Jeff O working on some (at least to us here...) secret project? (we're slow if there's a build thread on this with a 100 replies?). Sporting none other than the Lucifer Is My Homeboy shirt!

Wanna get yourself one of these? We'll be having a few shirts and some other choice items up for raffle at the "The Lucifer Ride" on August 25th when we ride back from the Museum. There will also be shirts for sale at the bar this night and Lady Hump 2010 Unreleased books. The ride meets at 4 pm on Saturday, 8-25-12, and rolls up through Hollywood to the Museum of Death ($15 entrance fee)(if it's too scary for you, you can hang in the parking lot) and after about an hour rides back to the Gasser for the Lucifer Fundraiser. Wanna find out if you've got a queasy stomach? 

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