Monday, August 6, 2012

Dungeons & Dragons, the Quest is Complete. Thank you Cycle Swap!!!

 I finally completed my ultimate dice collection at the Long Beach Cycle Swap. NO! Not Dice Magazine. What is wrong with you? Join the obsolencense and start playing again! Bring that Warrior Dwarf back from the dead and Rue the Day! It's full of shared storytelling and social interatction. It's like really really having friends (and not just friends on television mind you). Any ladies in the House wanna get up on this?
How are these going to help my build a Chopper?
Hey, the Long Beach Cycle Swap IS NOT about Choppers. Or Motorcycles. Or anything else you suspect it is. It's about the underground games. The Chopper Elite plays, they play like a Mother Fooker.
10th Level Dragon and a Dungeon Master.

No matter how many times I roll a "Wish I really was a Wizard" I never become one.... Sucks.

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