Thursday, August 23, 2012

El Camino is NOT at El Camino this year? Say what?

 There's nothing like changing a great show to a horrible location.
 Why do I say it's horrible? Well, before you get your pubes in a frizzle, let's see? The El Camino Classic Cycle Swap was centered in the South Bay, thus, a lot of the grey-beards who went there were ol' time Ascot Grand Prix people who has some history under their belt. Not the kind of old riders you'd run into anywhere else. Second, have you asked CRFyou how he feels about the location? Got his tires sliced for his bike being the wrong color... ? Dont' know. But if you like your bike, and want to keep it the way it is, consider leaving it at home.
 Just thought I'd let everyone know there's a change in the event location, and really, you can't call it the same event anymore... How do you call it "El Camino" if it's not at El Camino College? If they bring it back to El Camino next year, I'll be back on board. Otherwise, thanks but no thanks.
Irwindale breeds a totally different crowd. Have at it.

So wait... It's NOT at El Camino, but they're still calling it "El Camino?" WTF?

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