Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

 The Second Coming
 I'm sold out in the shop of the original Prison Shank shirts, so I decided to re-new the art and crank out some more beauty, aye!
 When you work in a hurry, things get missed. First drafts should always be reviewed for idiocy. Here's my most common mistake. Can you find it? I think you can Dora.

Mistake corrected. 

These will be available soon enough in the store, once I find a male model to work some Blue Steele on them. Luckily, my brother Craig is a professional male model and he's always down for some Hump action. 

Wanna Win a Shirt? I'll be throwing 3 of these into the raffle on THE LUCIFER RIDE this Saturday. August 25th at the Gasser Lounge. All the Details you need to know are HERE. And I'll have sizes on hand so if you win one, you can choose your size. (I know it sucks to win a Medium when you wear a XL).