Monday, August 13, 2012

Lady Hump (upcoming rides and the raffles)

 Wow, Thanks to everyone who's bought a copy and supported our amature photography! 166 full glossy color pages, completely ad free, never tasted so good... Yummy yummy yummy you got love in your tummy. So you waited till it was too late to buy a copy of the Lady Hump 2010 Unreleased hu? Almost. We've only got a few left, when those are gone, they're gone. And when I say a "few", I mean under 25 remain in the store. There's a few more copies after that I'm holding onto to raffle off at the Lucifer Support Ride on August 25th. Hopefully we'll be able to raise him a little ammo for his wallet. Bang Bang. And that's it. No Mass 2010.

Lady Hump Biblica Socalica 2011, which was upped to 172 gorgeous ad free full color pages, has arrived from the printer (made in USA) and will have it's very own release party and ride on Sept. 8th. Everyone who goes on the ride gets a raffle ticket at one of the destinations planned. When we get back to the bar, we'll pick some winners and give out some free copies. So you can win it before it's available for sale. Biblica Socalica 2011 will be available for internet purchase on Sept 10th, 2012. When are the rides I'm talking about? Check out this list below... See you soon Gishas!

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