Sunday, August 5, 2012

Major SOA Spin Off Announced, T-Z in da' House and on da' Run

The "T-Z" (pronounced "Tease") series follows the exploits of Tara and Jax-Z as they move to Chicago and try to make it on their own without the Club. They decide a change in careers is needed and form a rock band and a music career. It mixes the traditional elements of a Sutter sitcom with musical performances (mostly showtoons mixed with rapping) on each show by Jackson "Jax-Z" Teller and Tara "T-Bag" Knowles. In fact, the beginning credit sequence of the show has them singing to each other on a motorcycle as they leave the sleepy town of Charming forever. Their backup band consists of a spaced-out slapstick drummer named Bingo and Jackson's blase Nomad brothers Misfit and Mr. Fitt.
The series also stars Katey Segal as Gemma Teller Morrow, Jax-Z's mother, and Al Molinaro as Al "The Devil" Delvecchio, Jax-Z's long lost Godfather (and formerly the owner of Arnold's Drive-In from Happy Days), who opened a restaurant/bar in which Jax-Z and Tara perform most of their music. Micheal Chiklis plays Jay-Z's uncle Rico Mastorelli, who was the band's manager and helped Jax-Z and Tara advance in their newfound "rap-tastic Musical" careers. Rico's biggest contribution was to insert a "Nipplegate" like routine into Tara's performance. Actress (insert any porn actress name here) plays Rico's daughter, Annette F.M. Pumpernickel, one of the many women Jax-Z continues to have one-night stand affairs with behind Tara's back.
All is seemingly going well, while trouble is brewing back in Charming. It's not long before Charming P.D. and the Club (now led by Harry "Opie" Winston, and comic relief VP Juice Oritz) are both reaching out for help in solving the biggest crime the city has ever seen, someone has killed Jax-Z's mother Gemma! Jax-Z is torn between returning to Charming to solve the mystery of who killed his mother and winning the upcoming "Battle of the Bands" with his true love T-Bag! In the end, T-Bag uses her medical knowledge from her time spent as a Doctor in Charming to expose the truth... Gemma is not DEAD!!!!
And where's Clay in all this? On track to rig the judges, undermine Jax-Z's soundboard settings, switch his DAT tapes, load the pyrotechnics with real gun-powder, and take home the "Battle of the Bands" Winners Title with his own solo act, "Who am I? Clay Shady!... Who am I? Clay Shady... Goo Goo Ga'Choob, I am the Reaper, I am the old man!"

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