Friday, August 31, 2012

Media Blitz

When it rains, it pours. By now everyone has heard of the Laffing Devils arrest right?
Discovery Channel's own The Devil's Ride "Star" Thomas Quinn has been arrested and accused of committing sexual acts with his Stepdaughter... I feel bad for the Stepdaughter in so many ways.
I'll be interested to see how this one plays out. It's not as if they could lose any "more" respect in the "biker community" but, hey, anythings possible. This newest development proves that much.
But it got me thinking, what else is going on in the "Reality World of Motorcycles and Bikers?"
I stopped on over (another Discovery Show) at the American Chopper site. Well, look at that (below) American Chopper is going to build a (?) Japanese chopper? Anyone wanna say Denvers inspired? I wonder if they'll give a shout out, or if it'll be all Seniors "big idea?" And on first glance, it looks like it's about the closed damn thing to a "chopper" they've ever built, right? WRONG.
It'll be a total pile of dog shit, just you wait and see
(or if you're like me and have no cable t.v. you'll spare yourself the waste of time)

Then let's not forget Sons of Anarchy, whom, I at least give (tiny sized) props to for admitting it's all fake, unlike The Devils Ride and American Chopper. This is sold as entertainment. Twisted make-believe fairy tales with strippers and gun running, but entertainment just the same. They've got some new cast members this season, one of which has been (at least briefly, but what's brief when the first season of The Devils Ride was only 5 or 6 episodes?) on The Devils Ride. We've got (at least one) a biker, playing a biker... who would have thought that would ever have happened in Hollywood? Is, I wonder, Doc Cavazos going to also join the Mayans and just muddy up the federal water rights in Charming just a little more? I get most of my information from the Aging Rebel if you've ever wondered.

Just please Mr. Sutter, do not go all homo erotic with Jax and Jimmy "Nero... heyyy" Smits as he also comes on board as "a dangerous mentor for jax" ... Eh Gads Zooks.

How do I even do a "Versus" match when the cast of characters are weaving between both shows? Where does the line end or begin or end again between S.O.A. and The Laffing Devils?
"Hey Fans! Buy our merchandise, like this ring in the Discovery Store."

"Say What?"

P.S. I think the "internet" will rot it just the same...

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