Monday, August 13, 2012

Philo Beddoe (Friday Afternoon) (pt.1)

 So we rolled through the night and ended up buying an Ironhead along the way (just cause), Sacramento was 102, New Castle 108... Holy Mole' Rolled into the Philo Beddoe party just as Friday afternoon was winding down and Friday night was starting. As soon as the sun set, things started to cool down. More and more and more bikes rolled in through the evening hours until it was pretty much at near saturation level, although if you showed up on Saturday, you were still able to find some tent ground. The moon shine, expecially the Apple Pie and the Peach was incredible.

(Later that evening...) Gabe had to set the tone and make an example outta one random guy so as to ensure everyone knew if you misbehaved, you'd pay for it in a bad way...
(pics all week long)

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