Saturday, August 18, 2012

Philo Beddoe (Let's rewind for just a minute shall we?) (Pt.8)

 I'd like to take a moment to recognize this Sportser again. I showcased it here on the Lady Hump earlier in the week HERE, but once I read a comment posted on the bike, I thought, "we'll give this Sportster it's due, since obviously very few others are..."

As posted by OILY SIDE DOWN under the comments;
"Yes he did win Best Sportster & I've yet to see one single picture of it anywhere but here at the Hump. but hey at least I've gotten to see a gazillion pictures of the same 10 bikes... lame... Anyhow. You really should have sought Mikey out. Super nice guy & SUPER talented. He builds the motors, tranny or whatever else needs fixing, all in house & he does his own fab work. A very under appreciated Northern California builder."

 Earlier in the week, as I had said, I posted some pictures of this bike. But, mainly those pictures were of the exhaust. Crazy twisted pipes integrated into the rear-fender. Wild stuff. Now, I'd like to share some crazy Carburator pictures on this Ironhead. More Wild Stuff.
Enjoy it here if you haven't see it before.
... if you didn't know (like me)

I was stuck in a cast in the Lady Hump booth for 90% of the show, what's your excuse?
I'm just kidding... Don't hate on me, love on this bike!

How about that "Man Soup" header... pretty damn sexy cats swimming in that milk bowl hu?
Too bad ladies, we're both married.
But not to each other...
(I stole that pic of Steffans Zombie Performance blog. If you can't laugh at yourself, what's the point?)

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