Friday, August 24, 2012

Philo Beddoe (Lunch continued...) (Pt.13)

 Thanks to Jeff O! for taking the camera and shooting some pictures for me while I got a chance to eat. Not that anyone cares, about my pics. but Jeff O's did. He's a dedicated dude who rode all the way in from Sturgis (along with Thomas) within something like a day to attend the Philo Beddoe.

 So I'm eating and finish and take it outside, there Steffan's chillin' on the bench. This old dude come up the street and walks into the bar where everyone else is. He comes out like 20 seconds later complaining there arn't any seats! He talks and talks and talks and keeps on talking. He's a an active military 70 something year old "Pathfinder" who also works full time as a DOD employee who's been (attempted) poisened by one of 5 people at the only other bar in town. The mystery beginds... He almost died. He lost a kidney. He knows he'll be able to narrow down which one of the 5 people poisoned him once he gets the test results back from the doctors! He'll deal with the attempted murderer as soon as he has confirmation. This is one of those characters that you just gotta keep promting to talk because the more he talks the better the story gets... I'd bore you with his Nomad Oakland status as a honorary member of a major M/C but I don't want to spoil the fact that he tried to kill his first person at the ripe old age of 12! The vicitm didn't die, but he was placed in an Iron Lung for the remainder of his life...... then out of the blue, he had to leave because it was time to buy a 18 pack and head home. Goodbye Patriot! Goodbye to you.

 Rev bought up the entire supply of "America Rocks" I'm not sure why, but I put my luggage locks on my tent zippers that night....
This dude handled it.

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