Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Philo Beddoe (Wanna See Something Gross?) (Pt.11)

 I don't know who took this photo. It's obvioulsy a lesson in "how to pick up chicks" in Washington... Washington State. You know who you are.
 I think Atom took this one. Maybe not? If you look closely you can see me sleeping with the Cockroaches. It's not like they'll lay eggs in your eye sockets or anything...
 Ok, the rest are my photos. Here's my "classic" breaking my own rules in picture taking. Never. Never. Never take a picture with bathrooms in the background. Ever. For Any Reason. It just deducts so much class from an obviously otherwise awesome shot.
 Great shot.
 Here's the "gross" shot. Who's gotta go swimming for their keys. That is some nasty layer of funk if I've ever seen one. I'll beT everyone shedded about a pound of skin flakes into the pool. Uggghhhh. 
"Welp. Dive in Son. Those key's aint going float to the top..."
 The Dude (Choir) who made a new form of Art out of sleeping face first in the dirt on Friday Night. That was Oakland.
Check out Atoms new Susuki 40,000 cc War of the Superbikes Rice Rocket! ... not.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Mmmmmm, man flakes, stays crunchy, tastes great !!!

Anonymous said...

Meat is Turder