Monday, August 13, 2012

Time to play Biker with the Big Boys... Wuz up East Coast?

 Well, all it's missing is a 3 piece back patch set up. I came across this most bodaciously asswipe of a cut at the local stripper / hooker clothing shop. It's a Hip Hop store that sells day glow hooker fishnets and stilleto heels in any color you desire. Big Baggy pants, Fat Albert shirts, and all your "Made in China" dreams... You may notice some buttons on it that resemble the "Church of Choppers" logo. You may notice enough to barf? Some research here at the Lady Hump Institute of Wrechology revealed that "Route 95" is an East Coast thing (maybe a "thang"?) so maybe some east coast hump fans can hip me to this M/C cut for sale in stores?

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Mike P. said...

Enter your zip code hereI-95 is the main rt. south that runs from Rhode Island To Florida down nearly the entire length of the East Coast.For us in MA It starts at the end of R-195 here in town,a two lane highway that runs down to R.I. and connects directly to it.We could make FL from here in just about 24 hours.