Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wax is just another term for "Malleable Plastic" ... and no body cares until you throw 9 lb. balls across it

 How do you get thrown out of a Bowling Alley? It's not hard actually... step out of line and you're clipped. At the Bobber ZunZun "School for Bowlers" which was recently closed down when they (he) refused to play by the established 99% Bowling Alley Rules ... and NOT wear those fungus plantation shoes no more! Support the 1% Barefoot Bowler League or DIE. After the game tonight we're going out for Burgers and Killing a Cat.

 "Oh Oh Oh! Did you see that Bike?"
What bike Bradley?
"The Bike in the Back of that Lil' Truck!"
What Truck Bradley?
"The Truck that just Passed Us for Chrit's Sake!"
"Which Christ, the Catholic or the Mormon, Bradley?"
"Martha... go to HELL."

 Pictures by Lucifer
Halucinating stories ... by Lady Hump

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