Wednesday, September 26, 2012

24 Cycles and Lady Hump play Grab Hands

Atom Rotten / 24 Cycles has been gracious enough to welcome Lady Hump and the Gasser Lounge into his fold at the Long Beach Cycle Swap. Each month we'll be selling our Biblica Socalica photography books, patches, shirts, and until Nov. camping trip reservations for the Escape to Hazzard County (as long as spots are open...) Swing by and say Hello.
 Wuss Pride.
 Some beers after the Swap with the regu'tards...

 And some more Random bike pictures from the parking lot. There's about a 25 to 1 ratio on Garbage Baggers to home built bikes here, but that just means you gotta walk around to find bikes to shoot. I'm still mystified where all the people were this (last) Swap? Football over Motorcycles? Are you retarded?
We got men in tights slapping each other in the ass, why do you need to watch it on t.v.?

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