Sunday, September 9, 2012

Biblica Socalica (1)

 It's the day after the Release and Ride for the Biblica Socalica 2011 edition of Lady Hump! I just downloaded over 400 pictures off the camera, whoa! 25 bikes took the task to heart and got off their stumps to ride from the Gasser Lounge (and in one case, inside the Gasser Lounge) along the best surface streets Mayor Antonio Villaragosa (not) has to offer, to the infamous Watts Towers. A Southern California historical landmark, what better place to release Biblica Socalia? That and the fact last April we rode to the highest towers about Los Angeles on Mount Wilson, this was the chance to visit the lowest towers of Los Angeles!
Super huge thanks to the Gasser Lounge for letting Lady Hump come in and just motorcycle-out like some kinda kids in the candy store getting that sugar high for the first time with a pocket full of allowance money!!!

 Locals had free access to an impromptu bike show and evidently there's no open container rules in this area because when we rolled up everyone was already BBQ'ing and drinking beer on the street. Good to know.
Last picture here is one of the 10 winners who recived a copy of Biblica Socalica 2011. Everyone who attended the ride got a raffle ticket. No ticky, no washy. Like I said, there's a lot of pictures, from Watts, riding shots, and we stopped by South Bay Customs too, so all week I'll throw up pictures.

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