Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dem' some purty nice teeth lil' Girly...

Johnny Wolf has shot up our shit again! This is our promo postcard (at least one side of it) that we'll be handing out this Saturday at the VVMC rally (Sept. 15th) and the following Sunday (Sept 23rd) at the the Long Beach Cycle Swap. 

We'll be setting up camp at the 24 Cycles spot(s) along the back fence. Selling magazines and teaching those of you interested the secret handshake behind the trailer. Come on over and ask us some questions, we're an expert on so many different topics. Such as; Amy Winehouse, is she still dead? Sons of Anarchy, are they beefcake or gaydar repulsive? CRFyou, now that he's a married man, does his still dance "Limbo?" Is it true, riding a rigid motorcycle kills more sperm cells than does riding a swingarm chopper? Is it true, the Lady Hump only cares about Runway Models, Cadillacs, and Liqour Bottles?

Impressed yet? You could be... maybe. P.S. call me maybe.

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