Monday, September 3, 2012

Full on Carpet Bombing handfulls of Candy at Full Speed

The night started peacefully enough with a gracious stork like bird bearing good will toward humanity and leading the way to prosperity and peace.

 That same bird was gutted...

 Over 150 pounds of Candy came to rest on the patrons of the Gasser Lounge on this night. Candy on a mission to destroy. It wasn't long before one person threw the first piece of Candy at another. Something, probably in and of itself, a kind gesture of giving in a world full of take. But alas, this was the start of the now historic, "Candy War" at the Gasser Lounge. The triage table was shortened to just "living" and "dead" those injured were simply placed into the "dead" category for simplification.

Some fell deaf.
 Yet others still raised the roof.
... and rocked the house.

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