Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jay McBride's BEAR MOUNTAIN Ride Report

(From time to time we'll take photography submission from those willing to send them in. In this case, our good friend who spent a couple weeks out here in Redondo Beach with us last month, sent us the following trip report from New York, where evidently there's stuff happening there too! Who'd of thunk?... Thanks Jay.)

New York - "Basically the deal was - we met up with Adam (our unofficial "ride captain") early Saturday morning in front of Prime Meats restaurant to follow a route map that his friend put together last winter. We went from Brooklyn up through the Palisades and route 9W up to Bear Mountain Park, through all the twisty trails to the top, then over to Seven Lakes Drive, through to Route 301 over the stone bridges, then over to Danbury, CT to stop at Chuck's Steakhouse for some epic New York Strip, then hauled ass down Interstate 684 back to Brooklyn to a celebratory homecoming BBQ with mole and marinated steaks for the riders."

 Bear Mountian

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