Saturday, September 29, 2012

Johnny, Are You Queer ?

Black Flag would be super pissed with this news, "What's more ... we're told a dead cat was found in the house where Lewis lived with the landlady -- and the home was ransacked. Police are investigating, but Lewis is also suspected of killing the cat." He dismembered it... holly hell.

It's a never ending reality freak show in Hollywood, even after you die. The bizarre nature of your life seeps out of the cracks like your fingernails growing after you pass away... In some cases (this one) it literally spills outta' the cracks and there's not a Lesbian with fingers thick enough to plug this dyke.

Although toxicology reports are pending, authorities are investigating whether Lewis was on a new, synthetic drug known as "Smiles" before the violent rampage at 81-year-old Davis' house. Anyone ever hear of "Smiles" before? Stay away from that shit I tell yah.

On Wednesday, Lewis got into a violent altercation with Davis, neighbor Daniel Blackburn and a handyman; police report that Davis was bludgeoned to death, and Lewis eventually jumped or fell off the roof, leading to his death. Fly away little bird, fly fly far far away...

law enforcement sources believe Lewis was either on PCP or Meth at the time of the murder.  The 2 people who fought Lewis before he fell to his death from a roof told cops the actor exhibited "superhuman strength." 

Super Human? Way to go!

The actor also reportedly had deep ties to Sons of Anarchy? No, but to the Church of Scientology, his father, Michael Lewis, works some dumb place, which incorporates Scientology into its counseling, and there is evidence that Lewis was once involved with Narconon -- the church's drug abuse program. In 2004, the actor spoke at a substance-abuse prevention event on behalf of the organization. Reminds me of when Tom Cruise was jumping up on fat ass Ophra's sofa ranting away... was he on Meth, PCP, or "Smiles" too perhaps? Sure seems possible.
Clearly, the program was not successful for Lewis, (no shit?) which isn't surprising given that Narconon's program has garnered considerable controversy and its methods have been described as medically unsafe. Those enrolled in the program learn almost nothing about drug addiction or drug education, but instead are trained in the same way as those just joining Scientology. Hold the silver Dildo's and tell me if you feel aroused? ... after this let's go to Starbucks and buy latte's! 
The church appears to have removed photos of Lewis promoting their anti-drug program... I can't imagine why?
And seriously, what the hell is up with the sweaters and brooch? Lewis said he was making about $20,000.00 a year as an actor. Think about that, all the money SAMCRO brought into Charming and Lewis earns $20K a year. No thank you.
I can't wait for the "made for T.V." movie of this actors life. Only, I don't have a T.V. so someones going to have to tell me how it ends... or not.

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